Catherine Mae Litersky

Catherine Mae Litersky was born on June 13 1989. She is known as
Cat to all her friends and family whom she cares and loves dearly.
She is the youngest child of Patrick and Jeanne Litersky, who have
been married for 35 years. Her older siblings are Ann and Allen. Her
hobbies include doing artwork which she tries to sell. She enjoys
watching movies at home and taking long walks outdoors. She
also likes listening to music as it has a relaxing effect on her. She is
outgoing and tries to be in harmony with everyone.

Catherine completed her high school at Superior Wisconsin in 2008.
She went to UWS Superior Wisconsin to take a few classes relating to
Art and Writing. She published two other books, Colorful Puppies of
The Rainbow! and Fun Events with Family and Friends! Check them
out now.


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